Accado: as you know we're gonna stop doing yaoi, sorry
Hirako: sorry
A: but we've got lots of new projects. We'll still be making some funny videos, i think you like our sense of humor, and we'll continue (to) make some and we have lots of new ideas. But we're gonna stop doing yaoi videos. Because we're brothers and because Zack is in a couple (relationship) now, and we are... we just flipped the page. So don't worry, we're still there, and we will make new videos soon, funny ones, and maybe some other kind of videos too.
H: *interrupts* the thing is, I'm sorry
A: no no no problem
H: I'm sorry because I have to say something. It doesn't (isn't) like that we're just not gonna do videos any more. We're (gonna) make yaoi, but soft yaoi, like we have a relationship in our videos. So there will be like, a couple, in a video, but uh, no more, uh, *quotes* sex things *quotes* because, uh...
H: we made a lot of...
A: simply because before we were a couple
H: yeah
A: and not any more
H: yeah, we're not a couple any more
A: but that doesn't mean we don't love each other, (just) not in a couple way. We're (now) just brothers. We still love each other in another way, and so (thus) we can't do yaoi videos, because we don't need that and...
H: yeah
A: voilà
H: *giggles* this is like our parents standing there (watching) us divorcing. I am very sorry because that wasn't our goal, and I know it must be very difficult for you because you always know us as a couple, but the thing is that...
A: things change
H: yeah, and we're human beings, please, just consider us as people
Internet (random person): why the divorce?
H: it's not a divorce
A: we're not married
H: no! No, that's the thing. We're not married so that's not a divorce
A: we're still young, it's not time yet to get married
H: yeah

src: 2016 live stream


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